Gabriele Lobbia


My research interests are in category theory, logic and algebra. More precisely, I mainly work on low dimensional category theory, monad theory and skew structures (monoidal, multicategories…).


[6*] A finite approach to representable multicategories and related structures,
available at arXiv:2310.03503, 2023.

[5*] Some Remarks on the Interchange in Gray-categories, with N. Di Vittorio,
available at arXiv:2310.03503 (followup to A Gray-categorical pasting theorem by N. Di Vittorio), 2023.


[4] A skew approach to enrichment for Gray-categories, with J. Bourke,
Advances in Mathematics, vol. 434:109327, preprint available at arXiv:2212.12358, 2023.

[3] KZ-Pseudomonads and Kan Injectivity, with I. Di Liberti and L. Sousa,
to appear in Theory and Applications of Categories, Bunge Festschrift, vol. 40, preprint available at arXiv:2211.00380, 2023.

[2] Distributive laws for relative monads,
Applied Categorical Structures, 31 (19), preprint available at arXiv:2007.12982, 2023.

[1] On the formal theory of pseudomonads and pseudodistributive laws, with N. Gambino,
Theory and Applications of Categories, vol. 37 (2), pp. 14-56, 2021.

Work in Progress